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Understanding your Miranda Rights explained by Criminal Defense Lawyer

Published on April 30th, 2020

Understanding your Miranda Rights explained by Criminal Defense Lawyer that can help you. It is a need.

The Miranda warning is part of a preventive criminal procedure rule that law enforcement are required to administer to protect an individual who is in custody and subject to direct questioning or its functional equivalent from a violation of their Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination.

It is important to note that Miranda rights do not go into effect until after an arrest is made.

For example, if the suspect starts using excuses justifying why committed a crime, these staments can be used at trial.

The prosecution will try to use the suspect’s silence against him or her in court.

For example, the warning maybe phrased as follow:

You are under arrest. Before we ask you any questions, you must understand what you rights are. You have the right to remain silent. Use it.

You always have a right to a lawyer. Use it.

It is legal for the police to lie to you. You do not have to talk to anyone without a lawyer.

You never have sign anything before you see a lawyer. The police do not have to read your rights to arrest you.

Remember this, say nothing, sign nothing and always ask for a lawyer first.

If you are being investigated for a crime and wish to remain silent before being Miranzed, you can inform the officer that your attorney told you to never speak to law enforcement without talking with your lawyer first. This looks less suspicious than simply refusing to answer questions.

If you have any questions following your arrest, dont hestite to ask us online today!

We hope you understand your Miranda Rights from the best Criminal Defense Lawyer

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